“ We design your Dream ( Laboratory ) “


Labtech Indonesia has worked for more than 7 years in the laboratory field.

The new feature of is the latest feature from PT Lab-Technologi Indonesia, sells various kinds of laboratory goods and features that make it easy

for users PT Lab Technologi Indonesia is a design and fabrication company was founded by Anggun Putra Utama in Bogor. This company is an idea that extends what Labtech believes

and doing so since making its entrepreneurial debut in 2014. Up to now the company has grown with Laboratory Design & Layout Work, Laboratory Furniture, Chemical Storage

Systems, and Biosafety cabinet. All those works express deep attention to reliable function without setting functional value & productivity aside. The key to this devotion is to always listen

and ask questions clients to gather more information to understand and learn the important aspects of regulations & user requirements and demands. The Indonesian Technology Lab's

view of the laboratory the design concept is 3 aspects namely Productivity, Functional and Regulatory Acceptance. Because of that, Laboratory Design work is not only a building, but

also a responsive attitude to it context..and now the Indonesian Labtech company provides the latest feature, namely with the latest features from the Indonesian

Labtech company that will make it easier for you to find the things you need, like fume hood or something else, and of course they can't be separated from the word discount, maybe a

Labtech company. will give big discount (sometimes). And each of our products has NSF certificate. “ We design your Dream ( Laboratory ) “

Our Product

Bioligical Safety Cabinet

Biosafety Cabinet

Product PT Lab Technologi Indonesia

A biosafety cabinet (BSC) also called a biological safety cabinet or microbiological safety cabinet is...

Price: Rp103.500.000

Wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubber

Product PT Lab Technologi Indonesia

The design of wet scrubbers or any air pollution control device depends on the industrial process conditions and...

Price: Rp30.475.000

Arm Hood

Arm Hood

Product PT Lab Technologi Indonesia

Arm Hood has a work system that is quite unique and efficient. Arm Hood itself is one of the laboratory...

Price: Rp18.768.000

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